About Us

Fort Taylor Moat

Here at England Historical Enterprises we are dedicated to furthering and preserving the legacy of Howard S. England, “The Sherlock Holmes of Fort Zachary Taylor“. Through years of hard work and service he unearthed one of Key West’s buried and forgotten treasures: a Civil War fort held by the Union that had been turned into a Navy junkyard.  We are primarily a publishing company working on reprinting the work about and by Howard England. Through our publications we aim to raise awareness about this great historic landmark and the man who helped to preserve it.

Founded in 2013 by the elder son of Howard England, it serves a vital niche in the otherwise overlooked history of Key West.

We also offer a number of other items including:
– Prints of historic Fort Taylor armaments by Howard England
– Re-prints of historic photographs of Fort Taylor
– Original photographs of the modern-day Fort Taylor
– Postcards of modern-day and historic Fort Taylor
– Ball caps and T-shirts memorializing Fort Taylor

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